Tectonic Plates

»Die Wut entlädt sich auf den, der auffällt ohne Schutz.« – Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno

Tectonic Plates deals with uncertain grounds – when an internal core is heating up, the shell of a planet is broken up into tectonic plates and seemingly safe grounds come into motion. 

As we experience a world out of joint, concerning sociopolitical shifts happen all around the globe. A seemingly intact and secure foundation, taken for granted, is broken up, rifts become visible and long ignored conflicts cannot be swept under the surface any more. Planet Earth itself creaks and aches to reorganize its most fundamental parts into a new state of being, where its diverse individual components will enable a distinct perceptibility. Primal forces rattle and through landslides, avalanches and earthquakes, a realignment takes place.

All these phenomenons are transformed into musical structures full of patterns breaking up, crashing into each other forming new multi-dimensional shapes which will gradually become intelligible and sink in as a newly formed mentality and understanding of things. Bell plates are used as a characteristic embodiment of the tectonic plates, signaling the changes ahead of us.