03 Jul 2019


»Manou the Swift« – cinema release France

The 3D animated movie with music by Steffen Wick will be released in French cinemas as »Manou à l’école des goélands«.

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26 Jul 2019

United Kingdom

»Manou the Swift« – cinema release UK

Animated movie »Manou the Swift« flys into the UK as »Birds of a Feather«.

25 Oct 2019

Allerheiligen-Hofkirche Munich

«Prisma« string quartet premiere

commissioned work for Henschel Quartett; part of  the anniversary concert »25 Years of Henschel Quartett«

02 Feb 2020

Musical Theater Basel, Switzerland

»Autobiography« for Orchestra

Basel Sinfonietta, conductor: Peter Rundel

commissioned by Staatstheater Cottbus & Basel Sinfonietta