Scalae deals with the philosophical-spiritual ideas of Mozart’s Zauberflöte.

Despite of two acts the opera can be divided into three parts following the antique mystery play, which contents are also a component of the initiation rites of the admission as a Freemason, which Mozart himself had to take as a member.  With these exams, which are addressed in the opera as well, one should gain knowledge and wisdom and thereby even transcendence. A spiritual transformation of the human being should be gained, from a person purely devoted to the exterior senses to an individual who is able to live his virtues. 

In keeping with these ideas Scalae (lat. stairs) is a stepwise ascension into higher spheres and describes three stages of a cognitive process. The symbolic walk from darkness to light is musically depicted by three distinct separate sections – the steps.  

Scalae is also a musical game with different scales, which span across the different instruments and vocal parts and thereby form a web of many reference points and always create new possibilities of connectivity.  The musical scale here is a symbol for a stepwise ascent into higher dimensions.