Johannes the Dreamer

» Johannes is a composer. He is about to finish an important new work, commissioned by the Duke of Schaumburg. However, the last days have been restless: his overly nosy housekeeper Magda and the unannounced visit of his brother Heinrich keep him from work. Besides these troublemakers he is plagued by artistic self-doubts, which follow him well into his dreams. Suddenly, a composer colleague makes an indecent proposal… »

Johannes the Dreamer was created for the festival Esslinger Solistenforum in 2008 as part of the festivities of the Johannes Brahms anniversary year. The festival organizer expressed the wish for an unusual examination of the artistic-musical biography of Johannes Brahms as a distinct and fresh matinee concert for a young audience. 

The fictitious, humorous story of music and words – a »concertante audio book« – describes the challenges and moments of happiness in a manner suitable for young people and children. Eight silhouette-like characters embody the different relationships of Johannes Brahms. Words and music alternately come to the fore: at one time the narrator speaks and the accompanying composition comments, another time the narrator stops and the continuation of the events is lead solely by the music.